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Research and analysis officer

What do they do?

Research and analysis officers provide evidence to organisations that influences and shapes their work and policies. They collect and analyse data, carry out market research, and write reports for organisations to make informed decisions. 

What’s a typical day like?

Primary data collection such as surveying or interviewing is likely to be involved, and you’ll also be exploring existing data sets to spot relevant trends and interesting anomalies. You’ll stay up to date with other work in your field by reading emerging research reports, attending conferences and watching out for interesting advancements or findings. You are likely to be desk based and spreadsheets will be a big feature in your daily life!

This job would suit people with:

  • Excellent IT skills

  • An analytical mind and an eye for detail

  • Knowledge about how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research

  • Clear communication for writing reports and delivering presentations

What makes it a green career?

Research is a fundamental cog in the wheel of policy and strategy, as all organisations learn from what has been successful or not in the past. Data can also tell people a lot and understanding existing and newly collected information means that organisations can target their work in the right areas, for example working in areas which need support the most. Almost all environmental and sustainability charities and organisations will have a research team working behind the scenes to inform everything else they do. What’s more, data can show off the great work an organisation has done, which helps them secure funding to keep progressing!


What qualifications do you need?

An undergraduate degree, preferably in a STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) or a subject which entails a research element.

How much could you earn?

Likely to start at around £18,000 with experienced researchers earning £30,000+

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