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How we use your information

Why do we need your data?

In order to run the Bright Green Future programme we need to know some information about you. We only collect the information that we need to run the programme and we'll ask for your permission before we use it. Before we ask we’ll explain what we’ll do with that information and why we need it.

Once you’ve given us your permission your consent will form the legal basis for us to process your data. You can remove your consent at any time.  

We take your data privacy and security very seriously and we want to make it easy for you to understand this policy. If you want more information about this please contact

Who are ‘we’?

‘We’ are the Bright Green Future team who are all employed at the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE). CSE is a registered charity (number 298740). Our address is St James Court, St James Parade, Bristol, BS1 3LH.  


What types of information do we use?

In order to run the Bright Green Future programme we need to have some information about you. This might include things like:

  • Your personal contact details

  • Your parent’s contact details

  • Your or your parent’s bank details – (to reimburse you for the cost of participating)

  • Information like a ‘statement of need’ if you have a disability or learning disability

  • Demographic information for equality monitoring purposes

You might have provided these things to us through your Bright Green Future application, over the phone, or by email. Your parent or guardian might provide us with information about you or on your behalf. 


How we use this data

We use this data in a number of ways to run the Bright Green Future programme.

Administering the programme

This involves sending you information about the programme, mentoring you (contact over phone and by email) and facilitating your participation in webinars, training sessions and the residential. 

Keeping you safe

Some of the information we collect is to keep you safe and so that we can inform your parents or guardians if you need help.

Reimbursing your expenses

If we take yours or your parents’ bank details we do so in order to reimburse you for the costs of participating in Bright Green Future.

Reporting to our funders

Bright Green Future is sponsored by the National Grid ESO. They have a legal obligation to report on data like ethnicity and gender to ensure that they are complying with equalities legislation. This data is anonymous and can't be used to identify you personally. You don’t have to provide this sort of data to us if you don’t want to.

Improving our services

We keep data about how you are using our website so that we can improve it and make it easier to use. If you provide us with feedback or your opinions about Bright Green Future we might use that to understand what we can do to make the programme better. If you're interested to learn more about this, please see our website privacy policy. 


We might use photographs or videos of you taken whilst participating in Bright Green Future to promote the programme on the website, in printed materials, and on other websites related to the programme (e.g. or We’ll ask for your explicit consent to use your photos in this way before we do.

Sharing your personal information

In some situations we’ll need to share your information. 

  • Sharing information with our funders for data monitoring purposes. This data is anonymous and can't be used to identify you personally. You don’t have to provide this sort of data to us if you don’t want to.

  • Understanding our website through analytics (this is normally anonymous data like your IP address and browsing history and can’t be used to identify you personally). We use Google Analytics for this.

  • The software companies that we use to provide some of the services that form part of the Bright Green Future programme. We've made a list below. 

  • We might need to share your information to keep you safe in some situations, for example with our insurance providers or because we have a legal obligation to do so.

When we share your personal information we only share the minimum needed for someone else to carry out the function. So if all they need is your phone number, we’ll only share your phone number. When we pass data on to other organisations we have made sure that they comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (the EU-wide law that specifies how data should be protected).

Where we store your personal information


We keep your information in a secure database, hosted on servers which are in the UK. Some of your information may be stored in our secure email and IT systems. How long we keep your information for depends on what we are using it for:

Your personal details: If you participate in the full programme we will keep your information on our alumni database after participation in the programme. If you aren’t successful in your application we will delete all your information three months after the decision on applications has been made.

Yours or your parent’s bank details: If you have given us your bank details we will keep them for up to three months after your participation in the programme has ended.

Photographs: We will keep your photographs to use for up to three years after they have been taken. We will ask for your explicit consent to use photos and videos of you.

Software services we use to run Bright Green Future

Wix hosts the Bright Green Future website. When you participate in the program you’ll be invited to use the website portal, logging in using your email address. 

We send a monthly update using Mailchimp, an email provider. We will store your email address in Mailchimp in order to send you the monthly BGF update.

Part of the training program is an online course delivered by University of Bristol and Future Learn. These are external organisations and participants will be asked to log in to the course using your name and email address.

Zoom provides the software for our webinars. You will be asked to log in to this using your name and email address.

We have checked that all of these companies will use your information in compliance with data protection law.

We’re happy to help with any questions about your data

This policy sets out the basis on which any personal information we collect from you will be used.  This policy might change in the future. If it does change substantially, we’ll update the website and we’ll also contact you to let you know by email.   

At any time you can ask us to:

  • Tell you what information we have about you

  • Update or correct your information

  • Delete your data

  • Stop using your data in a certain way

You can ask us to do any of these things by contacting 

If you aren’t happy with how we have used your data, you can make a complaint. You can also raise your concern with the Information Commissioner's office.

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