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Bright Green Future alumni have the opportunity to sit on a Youth Advisory Board (YAB). The YAB offers BGF alumni the chance to contribute to the ongoing development of the BGF programme and the network of alumni. 

The 2023-2024 Board consists of five alumni, including two previous YAB members. Also sitting on the Board are the two current Alumni Mentors and one Alumni Facilitator.

YAB 7.11.23 Photo.PNG

The Youth Advisory Board contributes to shaping the BGF experience for potential future cohorts and for the 300+ BGF alumni by meeting four times a year. Some achievements of the Board so far include:

  • Demonstrating that a Youth Advisory Board is useful and effective and helping to recruit for a second year. 

  • Surveying alumni to find out how we can support them best. 

  • Helping to shape and recruit for a new Alumni Facilitator role. 

  • Increased clarity in recruitment.

  • Increased accessibility equality.

  • Aiding the switch between cohorts by offering a young person's perspective.

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