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  • What is Bright Green Future?
    Bright Green Future is a youth environmental leadership programme which equips young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take action on environmental issues in their education choices and future careers. The programme includes a range of opportunities for young people aged 16 -19, including residential training, online skills workshops, mentoring and a real-world project on an environmental issue. We're open for applications for our next cohort, starting in April 2024.
  • What does BGF mean by 'environmental leadership'?
    It's about leading by example and bringing environmental values to anything you might be doing, whether it's studying at university, taking an apprenticeship or working in a part-time job. For example, you might be studying engineering and bring a discussion about sustainable materials and construction to an essay. Or be working in a coffee shop and talking to colleagues about stocking locally-sourced food. It could even be something as simple as starting a conversation about sustainability with a friend or family member. So we're not just talking about being a CEO or leading a team (although for you it might be those things). We're talking about bringing environmental values and leading by example to anything you might be doing in life.
  • Why is it free?
    BGF has been free since we began in 2016. BGF is run by a charity (the Centre for Sustainable Energy) so we cover the costs of BGF through the support of multiple funders, including National Grid ESO, Blagrave Trust and others. Being free supports our goal to be as accessible as possible, and tackle inequity within access to green careers faced by people of different backgrounds. We cover all the accommodation costs of the Residential & Graduation Day, we reimburse your travel costs and can provide any resources for your project.
  • How do I apply and what is the application process?
    Complete the application form found on this application page of our website. The application form takes about 30 minutes to complete. It includes questions about who you are and why you'd like to join Bright Green Future. You have the option to answer the questions about why you're applying with typed text, voice recording or video recording. There is no interview. We assess each application individually and you're advised to submit your application as soon as possible. We reserve the right to close applications at any time, once we have received sufficient applications. It’s best to submit your application as early as possible to prevent disappointment. If you apply when we are full, we may offer the opportunity to roll your place over to a future cohort.
  • What kind of applicants is BGF looking for?
    Feeling overwhelmed, doubting whether you know enough or wondering if Bright Green Future is for you? BGF is open to anyone who lives in the UK with an interest in sustainability and having a positive impact. Our students are motivated, willing to learn, and passionate about sustainability issues. When we talk about sustainability, we mean it in the widest sense possible. That includes connecting social and environmental issues which affect how we live now and what the future looks like. We want to make BGF as accessible as possible! During our in-person events we'll have accessible activities, prayer spaces, tasty food for different dietary requirements and supportive staff there to help with anything that comes up for you.
  • Why does BGF focus on young people of colour?
    Bright Green Future aims to recruit young people of colour as 75% of participants. The programme is not exclusive to young people from these backgrounds, anyone aged 16 - 19 can apply. However we particularly welcome applications from young people of colour because they are under-represented within the environmental sector. This is something we are seeking to change. A 2022 report on Racial Diversity in Environmental Professions found that "Environment professionals’ are one of the least racially diverse professions in the UK, with just 4.81% identifying as Black, Asian or from other minority ethnic groups*, compared to 12.64% across all UK professions". An NUS study also found that 9% of UK students in higher education studying direct feeder subjects to environment professions identify as non-white minorities compared to 22% of UK students in higher education identifying as non-white minorities. *We know putting people into categories can diminish individual identities and this is problematic. Bright Green Future uses the term 'people of colour' to describe people that experience inequity because of their race or ethnic group, as this has been identified as preferred by a group of Bright Green Future alumni. However, when referencing research, we use the researchers’ terminology for consistency which most commonly is ‘Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic’ (often termed 'BAME').
  • What will I gain?
    Friendship and Community You'll be joining a diverse group of 25 young people who are passionate about creating change. Everyone will meet during our immersive residential where you'll connect through workshops, outdoor activities and toasting marshmallows around the fire! Knowledge Find out more about sustainability through an online course or project on a topic of your choice. This includes food, energy, climate adaptation and global sustainability. You'll share what you're learning with other students in small groups... and find out what other people are up to on their course. Join interactive career webinars where you'll get to meet different people working in jobs having a positive impact. You can ask them questions and find out about their journey. Experience You'll work with others to create a project on a topic of your choice. We'll run expert-led training, giving you the skills and knowledge to design a project with impact. At our Graduation Day, you'll share your achievement with others, inspiring the other students to take action on your topic. Depending on when you join BGF, your project may be a group or solo assignment, creating a campaign, making a workshop or working to embed climate education at your school. Connections Once you've completed Bright Green Future, you'll receive a certificate and we can also give references. You can join our thriving alumni network to keep connecting and learning with other people who've done Bright Green Future.
  • What is the time commitment?
    Whether you are working or studying, BGF is designed to fit around your existing commitments. But you don't have to be either working or studying to join - as long as you're aged 16-19, you're welcome to submit an application. The Residential is five days and four nights. The Graduation Day will be one day, from 10:00 - 17:00. Between these two in-person events, you'll be working online on the group project, studying your online course and attending career webinars. This will have a total time commitment of around 6 -7 hours per month.
  • What support will I get?
    Throughout the group project, you'll have a mentor who will either be a member of BGF staff or an alumni staff member. They'll have monthly check ins with your group to see how you're getting on and give guidance. You can also explore where you're at and what you might be planning through a one-to-one coaching session with one of our trained BGF staff coaches. Throughout the whole programme, BGF staff will always be available to answer questions and support you via email/ Discord and during the in-person events.
  • Who are the BGF team?
    The Bright Green Future team all work at the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) which is an established and respected energy charity that has been working to address climate change and fuel poverty for over 40 years. Find out more about the team here.
  • Which parts are in-person and which are online?
    In-person events The four night in-person Residential will be at the beginning of the programme. This takes place at Condover Hall in Shropshire. For April 2024, this will take place from Wednesday 3rd to Sunday 7th April 2024 and is compulsory. We'll all get back together in-person for our Graduation Day at the end, to celebrate your achievements and run your campaign workshop. Cohort 10 - Bristol, Saturday 3rd February 2024 Cohort 11 - Bristol, Saturday 13th July 2024 All the accommodation and travel costs are covered by us, no matter where in the UK you are coming from. Online elements These parts of the programme will take part online during the middle four months of the programme: - check in Zoom calls with group project members - check in Zoom calls with the whole cohort, which will include guest speakers - online course We use Discord to stay in touch and Zoom for our calls.
  • How physically accessible is the Residential?
    There is step-free access to the main workshop rooms, bedrooms and food hall at Condover Hall. This includes wheelchair accessible bedrooms and bathrooms. The grounds at Condover Hall are generally wheelchair accessible (flat gravel paths, concrete, grass or compacted earth) and there is an option for moving around the grounds on a electric buggy. The residential does involve physical outdoor activities including canoeing, zip wiring and a three mile walk around the surrounding countryside. All the activities are completely optional, and there will always be a different workshop you can take part in instead. We are keen to make the residential as accessible as possible, and will be as flexible as we can to support your needs. If there's something you'd like to chat to the BGF team about before applying, please email
  • Will I have to travel?
    You’ll need to travel to the in-person residential and Graduation Day. It’s likely you’ll travel by yourself on public transport to these events. As we’re an environmental programme, we want to prioritise public transport as the way people get to events. However, we do want to make sure you can get to these events in a way that works for you. We can chat about which travel option is good for you and the route you’ll take. We can also speak with your parent/guardian about travel options as well. At both the events, BGF staff can meet you at the local train station to take you to the venue and back. Find out more about our residential and Graduation Day venues here.
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