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Environmental campaign officer 

What do they do?

Communicate big, powerful messages about environmental issues, in engaging ways which will help to get more people thinking. Campaign officers create newsletters, marketing materials and social media content which inspire and mobilise people. The overall aim is to bring more people on board with the organisation/charity’s aspirations and help them achieve their goals.

What’s a typical day like?

This role is office based, as you are likely to be thinking up and writing creative communications materials to be shared with current and potential supporters. You’ll run social media accounts too. You might attend events on behalf of your organisation to promote a campaign and form partnerships with like minded organisations.

This job would suit people with:

  • Commitment to and passion for the environment

  • Good communication skills including writing for different audiences and public speaking

  • Enthusiasm and creativity which will help you engage with audiences in new and exciting ways

  • IT skills and possibly some design skills

  • Project management skills such as time management, organisation and ability to plan a long way in advance, identifying milestones and outcomes

What makes it a green career?

Environmental campaigns are essential for raising awareness about important environmental issues and bringing about positive change. Successful campaigns are also important for gaining support from funding providers to keep environmental charities and NGOs running. 


What qualifications do you need?

An undergraduate degree in any academic subject such as English, Geography or History would be useful, as it will show you are a competent communicator.

How much could you earn?

Salaries tend to be somewhere between £21,000 and £23,000 for an assistant campaigns officer and £24,000 and £30,000 for those with some experience.

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