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Do you think there's burning sustainability issues that aren't taught properly?  Do you want to change things in your school, college or course?  The BGF project is your chance!

Step into your teacher's shoes. Upskill them on an issue they should know more about and help them incorporate it into their teaching. The project looks like this:

  1. Research your topic. Choose a sustainability issue within energy, green spaces, transport or food. Develop a strong understanding of the different perspectives on this issue and prepare a presentation.

  2. Choose a receptive teacher.  Who will you teach? Are they available?

  3. Research the curriculum. Make your topic relevant by highlighting how it relates to their subject. Prepare ideas for how they could integrate your topic into the curriculum they teach. Check out these curriculum resources.

  4. Teach the teacher! Present your research in a concise half-hour presentation, followed a discussion session with your teacher. Exchange ideas – where can they realistically include your issue in their teaching?

  5. Write up a poster summarising what you've done and present at
    Graduation Day!

What if I'm not in education?
That's not a problem! You can use any 'teacher' who regularly works with young people. This could be some one like a faith leader, youth worker, Scout leader, charity worker or another community engagement professional. 

Practical experience is a key element of BGF. This project can show you what working on sustainability issues feels like. You’ll skills which can enhance your CV and future career:

  • Research and critical thinking

  • Persuasive communication

  • In-depth knowledge of your topic

  • Public speaking and presenting in a real-world scenario – can you bring your teacher onboard and encourage them to alter their teaching?

We'll give you lots of support with this by running expert-led training, giving you the skills and knowledge to design a presentation with impact. You'll also have a monthly check in with your group project mentor, to ask questions and update them on your progress. Your mentor will be a member of BGF staff or a member of alumni staff.

Things to think about:

  • Think about your teacher’s syllabus.  How might your content slot into what’s already being taught this semester? How could your content enhance what is already planned?

  • Help them get up to speed. Tailor your presentation to match the teacher's familiarity with the subject. Teachers have really limited time and the curriculum is huge.  Provide factual information and reliable sources to help your teacher understand the topic quickly. The links on our page are reliable and can be trusted.


Links and resources

By participating in Teach the Teacher, you’ll expand your own understanding and foster meaningful discussions that contribute to positive change within your school. Seize the chance to lead change and enjoy the rewarding experience of enlightening your educator while debating these important topics.


"The project gave me a chance to make friends outside of school who were interested in likeminded things and do something we were passionate about"

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