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Local Project: Reducing single-use plastics

Written by Cohort 3 BGF-er, Kristi B

After contemplating various options for my local project, I eventually settled on the idea that I wanted to reduce single-use plastics in my local area. So, I decided to set up a Refill scheme and I also loved the idea of selling reusable cups in my school.

I chose these projects because I believe that single-use plastics are an increasing problem within society and so I wanted to prevent this issue on a small scale. I realised that there was a massive amount of waste in my Sixth Form with the majority of it being plastic - especially polystyrene cups and bottles. Therefore, I thought that selling reusable cups and reducing the prices of drinks for people who use them would be a good way to prevent this problem, whilst also educating students at the same time.

It took me a while to reduce the prices of drinks for people who bring a reusable cup (10p discount), but after finally talking to 5 different members of staff I was able to make this happen. Soon after this, I set up a stall in my Sixth Form Centre to sell reusable cups that were supplied by Bright Green Future. So far I have raised roughly £90 which will go to an amazing charity called ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ who do beach cleans and educate schools about the issues involving plastics.

Even though this project hasn’t been easy at times, it has inspired me massively. Now that I’ve managed to see the outcome and the impact I’ve made on my school, it’s made me feel like a completely different person. Throughout the BGF programme so far I have really evolved as an individual and for this I am truly grateful. This just goes to show that one small act can totally change a person or a situation which is absolutely incredible.

Bright Green Future is a FREE year-long environmental training programme for 14-17 year olds which aims to give you the tools, knowledge and skills to make change and empower you to do the things that really matter. Through Bright Green Future you can learn about the most effective ways to fight climate change, gain confidence and meet loads of like-minded young people.

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