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Local Project: setting up an eco-club

It’s not just the uniform that’s green now at my local primary school, it’s their attitudes too. In March, as part of my BGF local project I helped to launch an Eco Club and the club has certainly let its voice be heard.

In just four months, it’s made rapid progress – from an assembly to plant sales and a compost bin, the number of the club’s accomplishments are stacking up.

However, these achievements are all rooted in the children’s abundance of energy and passion. They are the ones who make the notes, raise suggestions and carry the actions out. Their reactions to plastic plates when the school dishwasher broke clearly demonstrated this enthusiasm, as well as the comment that “we must stop at nothing” however much improvements might cost.

One girl in particular has stepped up to lead the club. An otherwise quiet figure, she is now spearheading the ever more popular movement in the school, giving clear instructions and picking out the most doable ideas from a varied list.

Through the writing of formal letters, the children have managed to receive funding from multiple sources. A grant of around £500 to reinvigorate the school’s pond is now theirs and research is in full swing over how this should best be spent. A further 3-digit sum came from a local group to purchase litter pickers and seeds.

Constant monitoring of lights, a crisp packet recycling bin and a bug hotel in the pipeline are just some of the other projects going on.

At a time when it’s the younger generation that are the biggest voice for action on climate change, it’s inspiring that even primary school children are so willing to drive this forward. The school may only have 200 pupils on its register, but these pupils are maximising their positive impact.

In fact, their impact goes further still since their energy is spreading. Their endeavours at school are coming home and influencing family members too. A relative of one pupil has now switched his pub to paper straws as a result of her lobbying.

So this club reminds us that good habits have a multiplier effect – what we do is picked up by others and in turn by others – an explosive chain reaction. We can also take inspiration from the proactive, fearless and enthusiastic attitudes of these green warriors.


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