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As well as the main parts of Bright Green Future, we'll also share lots of other opportunities that are extra to our main programme. This can include getting involved with conferences, training events, youth forums and workshops.


BGF+ helps you explore your interests further and take part in opportunities that you wouldn't necessarily know about through school/college. We may be able to help fund the costs of attending the event.

Here's what some previous students have got up to...


"I leave full of hope for the future. I also leave with more knowledge about myself. And that is always a good thing."

As part of BGF+, Taryn attended the inaugural Friends of the Earth Youth Gathering at Keele University. The weekend was a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most inspiring environmental activists across the UK and to meet like-minded young people. 

Taryn reflected: "Coming out of the weekend, I am a changed person. I am more aware of the problems we’re facing, but I feel empowered to do more about it, inspired by the stories of the activists I’m surrounded by."

Sarah came all the way from Northern Ireland to attend two conferences in Bristol in the summer of 2018. The first was "Nature, Health and Wellbeing" which was very relevant to her local project creating a wellbeing garden in her school. Sarah got to hear from Public Health England, The West of England Nature Partnership and academics on the topic of connecting physical and mental health to our natural environments. 

The second conference she attended was called "Changing Minds: Beyond Plastics" - a communication conference with a focus on plastics. At this event, Sarah heard from campaigners, filmmakers and environmental organisations about the challenges in campaigning against plastic waste. 

Maud and Eisha Catalyst Bootcamp.jpg

"Catalyse Change really shaped some of the ways I live as an individual and also will shape my career choices." 

With the support of BGF+, Maud and Eisha were able to attend the Catalyse Change Bootcamp - a three day residential programme run for young women who want to create a more sustainable future. 

Maud told us: "Catalyse Change Bootcamp was an incredible experience to widen my environmental and social sustainability knowledge, meet some of my incredible peers and make great friends, as well as hear from inspirational women working in sustainability careers. I cannot wait to continue with the motivation I’ve got from the Bootcamp during the mentoring phase next!"

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