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BGFer appointed WWF Ambassador

In 2019, Cohort 3 BGFer Anastasia was recognised as one of the first UK Youth Ambassadors for WWF! In this short blog post, Anastasia reflects on how she first became involved with WWF and her new role with the organisation.

If I am honest, I have always loved WWF ever since I watched their adoption adverts on TV (the snow leopards are definitely my favourite).

My first encounter with WWF was through the work experience section necessary of the BGF requirements. I thought it wouldn’t be a shot in the dark to try find anyone with any sort of contact with WWF. After asking around, a dear friend of mine from UK Youth Voice connected me to the education management of the UK branch of WWF. An agreement of two weeks of work experience in the Woking Office (which is AMAZING by the way) was made and I think it was one of the most interesting times I've ever had.

As I got more involved with my roles I was introduced to the youth department who were excited to see how many ideas I had. Their excitement led to an opportunity to join their appeal against Heathrow’s third runway that has now evolved into being one of the first few youth Ambassador representing WWF.

Overall, I would recommend that anyone with a passion that they feel afraid to reach - just do it. Try find the contacts and reach your full potential.

Well done Anastasia!


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