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How to stay connected to nature during lockdown

As we head into another national lockdown, please read this important piece from Cohort 3 BGFer Will about maintaining a relationship with the natural world whilst stuck at home.

After finding ourselves in the second lockdown of the year it is important we remind ourselves of the importance of nature and it’s benefits. But how can we stay connected to nature during this difficult time? Here are 10 suggestions to help you:

1. Look at a map – find some new and exciting paths and go on an adventure

2. Go on a run or a walk

3. Workout outside surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature

4. Feed the birds in your garden – maybe even try and learn some bird songs

5. Stargaze

6. Read a nature book

7. Do some gardening

8. Participate in an online course in an area you are interested in

9. Sit outside or meditate

10. Take some photos of the Autumn colours – can you make some artwork?


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