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Work Experience: Repowering London

By cohort 3 BGF-er, Demi

Demi spent several days working for Repowering London, an organisation working to bring communities to the centre of the renewable energy revolution. Read on below for Demi's work experience diary:

Monday 15th July - Today I had a tour and met the members of the Repowering team. I was given the task of modelling sites where the company was planning to install solar panels including schools and community centres. At 2pm, the whole team had a meeting to reflect on recent work, any challenges and 'wins'. I found this very interesting as everyone was supportive and it was great to learn from eachother. Even though it was my first day, I was asked to say what I had been up to. I mentioned the CAD software I was getting to grips with to model sites, sharing how it took me about an hour to get used to and draw a straight line, which they all found hilarious. In the afternoon I met a member of the Repowering team who told me all about her role, how she got there. I found out that she was a graduate from Cambridge university and studied political and social sciences and she gave me loads of good advice about what I need to do to get into Cambridge.

Tuesday 16th July - Today I attended the Solar meeting where the team discussed the development of 3 live projects, one of which was Lambeth Community Solar project as well as the Lambeth County Show that is taking place on the June 20th – 21st. It was great to hear about some of the innovative ideas such as solar panels on bus shelters to power the bus time display. Later, I printed and put together booklets for an AGM that was happening that evening.

Wednesday 17th July – I was first in the office today! I started by researching some journalists who do similar projects to Repowering. This is my ongoing task for the week. I then went on to continue with using the CAD software to finish the last few buildings. There was one complexly shaped building that I struggled to draw out - it took up a lot of my time!

Also, today I designed a banner to use at Lambeth country fair advertising the energy auditing service being offered.

Thursday 18th July – Today I had another go at the building on the CAD software that I was finding difficult. I knew this task was quite urgent so I wanted to get it done by the end of the week!

After lunch I had the task of printing out the certificates that were going to be given to investors. I transferred all the personal data from excel into word documents and then I went to the printer shop.

Friday 19th July – Today was the busiest day of the week! Now that the investor certificates were printed, I had the task of putting each certificate, along with a letter addressed to each shareholder in an envelope. After getting slightly lost, I found the post office, bought 124 stamps and placed the stamps individually onto each envelope. TIt wasn't the most interesting taks but when it was done I felt very accomplished!

When I got back, I was surprised by a mini celebration that they had prepared for me. They had got a vegan chocolate cake, to celebrate my last day in the office. They gave me feedback about how they thought I had done in the week and the feedback was very positive. They even want me to come back!

The last job for the day- Eva and I walked to Brockwell Park, the location in which the Lambeth country show took place, to help set up.

Saturday 20th July- Today was the day of the Lambeth Country Show! There were so many different things to do but I was in the ‘Eco Village’ where there many stalls about everything people in Lambeth were doing to help the environment. The Repowering stall was popular- I was pleasantly surprised at the large number of people interested in investing. This was a great way to end my work experience.


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