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Work Experience: The Climate Coalition

Cohort 3 BGF-er Matthew spent 5 days undertaking his work experience at The Climate Coalition in London. Becca from the Climate Coalition said:

"Matthew was a wonderful volunteer and asset to the team for the days he was with us. He was impeccably polite, used initiative, and very enthusiastic about learning."

Matthew said:

"I had a very good few days at The Climate Coalition. They made me feel welcome and went out of their way to, for example, set up relevant meetings.
It was good to get an understanding for projects’ strategies & running, to have a taster myself of the sorts of tasks they do and talk to different people about their roles. It was also particularly interesting to find out the methods they’re using to make a difference.
It was great to see the progress that had been made on their projects over the last few months as well as understanding where they thought their role had been in recent national developments, such as the government’s net zero pledge, and where it should be in the future. While I was there, they asked me to write about something inspiring and environmental. So I wrote about my local project - setting up an eco-club at my local primary school."

You can read the piece Matthew wrote about his local project in our blog post "Local Project: setting up an eco-club".


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